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Mrs Kaur
21 Feb 2018

Dear all my friends and family St Philips. I remember teaching many of the pupils who have commented below... such a great idea. I have taught in many schools since I left St Philips in 2011, however have failed to find a school like this yet. I send my love and warm wishes to you all and hope to pop in to see you soon. love always Mrs S Kaur.

Rating: Excellent

20 Feb 2018

I am still in the school (year 5) and it is so awesome being the 2nd oldest class. So many wonderful things happening. Being school council for the second time, football matches and new teachers. Hope every one is doing well.

Rating: Excellent

Quanay Brooks
18 May 2016

I miss this school. Now I'm in year 7 coming onto year 8. I want give all the teachers a massive thank you for what you have done for me. I Especially like to thank Miss. Neala. She helped me through everything Plus, She has really nice style. I go St. paul's now, and I love it but, I miss you lot loads. Thanks for what you have done for me. To all the teachers, warm hugs.

Rating: Excellent

19 Apr 2016

I miss this school, was a good school been taught there since nursery am in year 9 now thanks to all the teachers in there that taught me.

Rating: Excellent

Ciara Boyle
12 Jan 2016

I miss this school but I'm coming back for work experience can not wait.

Rating: Excellent

Colin D Wythes 1946-1956
22 Nov 2015

What a pleasure it was to read Robert Browne's email. I knew him well in fact he was like a big brother to me. I wish I were able to make contact with him. Yes I To enjoyed my days.

Rating: Excellent

Robert G Browne
21 Oct 2015

It was excellent from 1945 to 1955 and looks the same now, Mr Duffield, and then Mr Hardman were heads, and Father Duck the Priest. From an old schoolboy God Bless.

Webmaster Note 2: Mr Browne, your provided email address does not seem to be working. Mr Colin Wythes (above) would like to get in touch with you, and has given his contact details to our Office Manager Mrs Holwell. Please speak with her if you would like to get in touch with Mr Wythes.

Rating: Very Good

Mrs Beckford
15 Jul 2015

I would like take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Mrs Katri and Mrs Chapman (nursery) for all that you have done for my daughter throughout the school year thank you.

Rating: Excellent

28 Mar 2015

Aw I miss, St. Philips, such a great school. I went there about 5 years ago, and I'm now in year 11 with my GCSE exams in 6 weeks! Time flies. The staff were great and very supportive, and gave me lots of opportunities throughout primary school, as well as lots of support and advice to get into the grammar school I now go to. I'm sure the school is still as awesome (if not more) as they are still there. Hope to visit soon!

Rating: Excellent

14 Feb 2015

This website is very good and the best.

Rating: Excellent