St. Philip's Catholic Primary School, Messenger Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3DU

Special Event - Year 4 Visit Cadbury World

14 October 2013

Our topic in the Autumn term was yummy chocolate!

We did lots of work in class about the history of chocolate and how it is made. We designed our own chocolate bar wrappers and thought about all the different flavours and ingredients we would like in our ultimate chocolate bar.

During our visit to Cadbury World, we were taught about where the main ingredient of chocolate is grown, the cocoa bean. Did you know Cadbury's cocoa beans come from Ghana? Look at the traditional dress of Ghana, don't we look great!

Our day was packed full of fun as we went around the chocolate factory. We got to play with liquid chocolate, dance in chocolate rain and even got some freebies!