St. Philip's Catholic Primary School, Messenger Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3DU

Our Staff

Meet the friendly staff of St. Philip's...

Miss Anslow

Mrs Chapman

Ms Chauhaan

Miss Cook

Mrs Eaton

Mrs Evans

Mr Geary

Mr Green

Mrs Hill

Mrs Hinton

Mrs Hitch

Mrs Hodson

Mrs Holwell

Ms Horobin

Miss Hymers

Miss Lewis

Miss McKenzie

Mr O'Conner

Mr Padotan

Miss Reaney

Miss Redfern

Mrs Reeve

Miss Shaw

Miss Slater

Mrs Stevens
Mrs Underhill

Mr Wilkes

Mr Ziobrowski
Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs C Hinton Principal
Mr A Wilkes Vice Principal
Mrs R Hill EYFS Unit Lead
Miss E Anslow Year 1 Teacher, RE Lead
Mrs M Evans Year 2 Teacher, Assistant Head, KS1 Lead,SENCO
Mr T Geary Year 3 Teacher, Art and DT Lead
Miss H Lewis Year 4 Teacher, Science Lead
Miss L Reaney Year 5 Teacher, PE Lead
Mr L O'Connor Year 6 Teacher, Assistant Head, KS2 Lead, English Lead, Computing Lead
Mrs G Eaton Teacher
Mrs S Stevens HLTA, EYFS Unit Support
Mrs T Chapman Teaching Assistant, EYFS Unit Support
Mrs K Hodson Teaching Assistant, EYFS Unit Support
Miss A McKenzie Teaching Assistant, EYFS Unit Support, SEN Support
Miss G Mourier Teaching Assistant, EYFS Unit Support, Dinner Lady
Miss E Cook Teaching Assistant, Year 1 Support
Ms E Horobin Teaching Assistant, Year 2 Support
Miss K Shaw Teaching Assistant, Year 3 Support
Miss N Hymers Teaching Assistant, Year 4 Support
Ms M Chauhaan Teaching Assistant, Year 5 Support, SEN Support
Mrs L Reeve Teaching Assistant, Year 6 Support
Miss D Redfern Teaching Assistant, EAL and HTP Support
Mrs K Underhill HLTA, Year 6 Support
Mr M Ziobrowski Site Manager
Mr S Green ICT Technician
Mrs J Hitch Secretary
Mrs V Holwell Office Manager
Miss R Slater Office Clerk
Mr L Padotan Community Cohesion Leader
Miss Y Smith Dinner Lady
Mrs V Byrne Dinner Lady, Cleaner
Miss H Dixon Dinner Lady
Mrs L Harris Dinner Lady
Mrs S Kaur Dinner Lady, Cleaner
Mrs A Osmani Dinner Lady