St. Philip's Catholic Primary School, Messenger Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3DU

Special Event - Year 2 Visit the Buddhist Temple

28 April 2015

The children in Year 2 went to visit the Peace Pagoda in Edgbaston, Birmingham and learnt a lot about the religion of Buddhism.

Gathered outside the temple and waiting to meet our guide, Robert.
We had to take our shoes off before we went inside the Pagoda.

People in the Buddhist temple sit on the floor facing the Buddha (teacher).
Robert showed us different paintings of important buildings and people in Buddhism.

The statue of the Buddha is usually at the front of the temple.
Special ‘gongs’ are used to begin and end times of meditation.

Some of us were invited to light incense sticks. The aroma spread throughout the temple.
Stories told us that most important people had servants who would hold an umbrella to protect them from the rain and sun.

Monks only wear cloths of the same colour. They are not allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts like us.
Before we left the temple, we took part in a short meditation. A peaceful end to an enjoyable morning.