Year 1's Trip to Cannock Chase

6 May 2016

Year 1 went on a visit to Cannock Chase's enchanted forest to deliver letters to the fairy tale characters.

During their time there the children were put into five groups and took part in some maths activities, which included, building a tower of sticks in three minutes then measuring who had built the tallest.

The children also wore a pedometer to see who could do the most steps around the forest. They also measured around the trees to see who could find the widest tree.

During their walk around the woods the children searched for the clues to find the Gruffalo and re-told parts of the story that described him. They also learnt lots of facts about the forest environment and creatures that live there from reading the information boards around the forest.

Also during their time in the woods they found some drums and made a repeating rhythm. One child started a rhythm off with the drums and then the other children copied.

While in the forest the children looked out for different types of flowers and identified them in a book to find out some information about them. The children also helped make some dens in the forest with logs and twigs.

Next the children found the secret fairy forest and they made magical wishes then they made some tree rubbings and talked about the textures of the different trees. They also delivered some of their letters to the fairies. Finally the children found the stick man and his family tree and they made their own stick man to take home.

Emmaus CMAC
St Philip's Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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