St. Philip's Catholic Primary School, Messenger Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3DU

Snippets of News Archive

From Autumn 2018, please see our School Blog for snippets of news. Below, you can see our previous snippets from Summer 2018 and earlier.

Year 4 at Birmingham Museum

Look at all those Artefacts!

24 April 2018

Year 4 visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for an Egyptian mummification workshop.

We learnt how Pharaohs were mummified and that Egyptians believed that if they were good rulers, they would be permitted to enter the Afterlife.

Holy Week Assemblies

The Weeping sisters adore Jesus.

26 March 2018

As part of our work during Lent and in preparation for Easter, each year group shared some of the messages of Holy Week such as Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Here we see Years 5 and 6 sharing with us the story of Good Friday.

A reverent and Holy week was had by all.

Earth Day

Look at all those black bags of rubbish!

17 March 2018

Following on from the Eco Team’s successful Space Day, we saw the beginning of Earth Day.

The use of plastic in society has been high on the agenda in the news this week and it is no different here in St Philips. From interesting fact-filled lessons to litter picking – the whole school got together to raise awareness on ways we can save our planet!

Year 4 Class Assembly

Can you guess what we are trying to be?

15 March 2018

A special thanks to Year 4 for leading us in our assembly this week.

The children from Year 4 wowed the rest of the school with their superior knowledge of the Egyptians. With fantastic acting, singing and the presentation of some of the beautiful work they had created, an enjoyable and informative assembly was had by all.

Residential Trip to Edgmond Hall

Pupils checking out some of the animals.

14 March 2018

Earlier this week, some of the children in Years 3 and 4 visited Edgmond hall for their first residential.

A fantastic time was had by all the children, even if they were a little tired! Children developed their team work skills, their ability to persevere and most importantly they had lots of fun!

Thank you to all the staff who make such trips possible.

Mother's Day Assembly

An example of some of the wonderful work Reception created.

13 March 2018

We celebrated our Mother’s Day Assembly, led by the children in Reception.

The children led with a beautifully themed assembly full of well-spoken parts, excellent singing and a presentation of some work they had completed in class.

Year 3 Class Assembly

Children persuading us how important school is!

2 March 2018

Can you believe Year 3 nearly quit school today? Not really – but they very nearly had us going!

The children in Year 3 used their skills of persuasion to persuade the other pupils in school just how important school really is!

Well done to all the children and staff for their hard work.

World Book Day

Can you guess who we have dressed up as?

1 March 2018

We absolutely love reading here at St Philips, and what better way to show our love for reading than through dressing up for World Book Day. From Harry Potter to Where’s Wally, we had them all!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and they loved sharing the favourites books with their friends and teachers.

Vocations Week

A visit from our local Police officers.

2 February 2018

This week the children took part in lessons and assemblies to guide them on the different vocations they may wish to take as they grow older.

From Policemen and Women to ICT technicians, the children gained an insight into a variety of different jobs they may wish to take as they grow up.

Young Voices

We can’t contain our excitement!

9 January 2018

What a fantastic evening was had by all when our school Choir took part in the Young Voices in the LG arena. The children sang their hearts out to songs that they had learned in the proceeding weeks.

A wonderful evening made possible through the hard work and dedication of the staff and children.

Well done all!

KS2 Carol Concert

Parents watch on as KS2 lead us in a beautiful song.

6 January 2018

To finish our Christmas celebrations, on our return to school this week, Key Stage 2 have worked particularly hard in leading us on the final part of our Christmas story.

From beautiful singing, to thoughtful prayers and fabulous acting, a wonderful afternoon was had as we celebrated for the final time this year the true meaning of Christmas.

EYFS Christmas Production

What a fantastic set of outfits!

14 December 2017

Our friends in EYFS put on their annual Christmas production for the rest of the school. A fantastic afternoon was had as the children dusted down their outfits and wowed us all with their wonderful acting and beautiful singing.

Thank you to all the staff for their hard work in preparing the children.


A beautiful walk through the forest.

12 December 2017

Children from across different year groups visited the Malt House Stables and took part in a variety of different activities to help develop their self-esteem.

The children had a fantastic day and loved being at one with nature.

We thank Mr P for all of his hard work in supporting our children on these days.

Phonics Workshop

Parents observe a lesson of phonics in Reception.

4 December 2017

Today we welcomed the parents of children in EYFS and KS1 as part of our effort to support parents in supporting children at home with phonics.

Parents were welcomed in assembly and were given the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom to see a lesson of phonics.

Remembrance Day

We thank those that gave our lives for us.

10 November 2017

Remembering the fallen.

Today we took some time out to remember those that died so that we may live.

An assembly was held and the children respectfully observed a minute’s silence.

Anti-Bullying Week

A snapshot of our fantastic workshop.

6 November 2017

As part of our work on keeping children safe in school, this week we celebrated anti-bullying week.

Actionwork, a local theatre group, came in to deliver a workshop to all children to raise awareness of Bullying and the impact in can have on individuals.

In the classroom, we continued our work on Anti-Bullying and supported children to ensure they feel safe in school.

Harvest Assembly

Children from Years 5 and 6 sharing their gifts.

10 October 2017

Every year we celebrate Harvest time through assemblies and mass in our local church.

Today we celebrated Harvest time by wearing own clothes and donating food to support those in need.

In our assembly we celebrated the works of charities such as Brushstrokes for whom we support whenever we can.

Space Week

Our wonderful Eco Team!

4 October 2017

As part of the Eco Team’s drive to raise awareness of our world and the things that impact upon it, a Space Week was held this week to celebrate the world’s efforts in Space Exploration.

Each class was given a topic and produced different pieces of art work to share their understanding on what they’d learned that week.

On the Friday was held where the whole school celebrated the work of each year group.

Year 2 Maths Workshop

Can you guess what number we were trying to make?

26 September 2017

Today, the children in Year 2 were able to experience a fantastic practical maths workshop to help develop their fluency skills.

Working with support from local mathematicians, the children were able to develop their number sense, putting into action all those lessons in the classroom!

What a superb day!

It's Time for Harvest!

George working hard with two Year 5 children.

12 September 2017

Our friends in Year 5 have spent the afternoon working with George the Gardener.

Having spent time before our Summer holidays planting a variety of different fruits and vegetables, the time has come to find out how they turned out.

The lucky children involved were able to take home with them a variety of different fruits and vegetables to try for their dinner! Yum!

Year 1 Visit Holy Trinity Church

Year 1 at Holy Trinity Church.

13 June 2017

Year 1 visited the Anglian Church in Smethwick. The children found out there are many similarities to the Anglian Church to our very own Catholic church.

The Reverend David explained what different artefacts were around the church and explained their meanings. The children loved listening to the bell ring on the church and the Reverend explained what the chimes meant. They found out the church was 180 years old. They also went under the church and visited the crypt.

Reverend David also explained the church are part of a foodbank with partner churches. They help less fortunate families by giving them food.

Neri Nurture Bear is Blessed

Neri Nurture Bear with Fr Erasmus.

8 June 2017

Neri Nurture Bear was ready for his travels on Thursday, but before he left, he came to Mass and Father Erasmus blessed him.

The bear was revealed to all the children and the children were amazed with the finished design.

All the children were very proud that their prints were on the bear and together we are learning and working together through Christ.

Year 1 Space Projects

Proudly showing off a home-made rocket.

5 June 2017

For our next topic the children are learning about space.

Over the half term holiday the children have made space rockets out of recycled material to display in our classroom.

They also found out facts about space by looking in books and researching on the internet. They filled in an information booklet and then shared this with the class.

Painting our Neri Nurture Bear

Putting our fingerprints on the bear.

24 May 2017

A mixture of children helped paint our school bear from each class. Then all the children at school came and put a handprint or fingerprint on the bear so they were all a part of the project.

All the staff also put a fingerprint on the bear, too.

Meeting an Olympic Swimmer

Meeting Olympic athlete Joe Roebuck.

26 April 2017

During our Olympic athlete visit the whole school took part in a keep fit class with Joe Roebuck a famous Olympic swimmer.

We took part in various exercises like lunges, burpees, push ups and star jumps. The theme for the day was a healthy lifestyle. We also took part in sport activities with Sandwell leisure timing themselves doing various activities.

We ended the day with a sports assembly where Joe Roebuck showcased his life achievements! He also showed the school all the medals he’s received in the Olympics.

Year 1 Bear Project

Showing off one of our bear habitats.

24 April 2017

For our next topic the children are learning about bears.

Over the Easter holiday the children have chosen a type of bear and researched them. They then designed their habitat. They also found out some interesting facts about their type of bear like where they live, what they eat and what they look like.

Years 1 and 2 Easter Activities

Three Easter bonnet winners.

6 April 2017

Year 1 and 2 performed a short production to their parents. They sang some songs about Jesus and the Easter celebration.

They also did an Easter Bonnet Parade with their hats that they made at home with their parents. There were then three winners chose who received a large egg. All the other children also received a small prize for taking part.

The children then finished the production with some Easter prayers.

The Last Supper

Acting out The Last Supper.

5 April 2017

During the week before the Easter holidays, Year 3 and 4 re-enacted the Last Supper and the Betrayal and Arrest of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We studied the words that Jesus shared with his friends and how he felt when he was betrayed.

The Big Sleuth Launch

Supporting Birmingham Children's Hospital.

20 March 2017

The children were involved in an assembly to find out about our 'Big Sleuth' project and competitions.

They learned about the bears and how we are supporting Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital Charity to raise money by doing a range of bear themed activities.

Science Week

Oil experiments during Science Week.

15 March 2017

During British Science Week the whole school conducted investigations into unusual substances which change when something is applied to them.

The theme for the week was changes. Year 1 added food colouring to oil and observed what happened.

On Wednesday 15th March all children dressed up as something linked to science or as a famous scientist.

We ended the week with a science assembly where we showcased our findings!

Year 3 Investigating Time

Year 3 amidst their time investigations.

15 March 2017

Year 3 have been looking at duration, and investigating how long things take. We looked at the shortest and longest times.

We worked out who is the quickest in the group? Who was the slowest in the group?

Year 1 Maths Parents' Workshop

Parents and children working together.

15 March 2017

Parents were invited to a parent workshop to learn about different methods we use in maths.

A variety of topics were covered such as time, missing numbers, adding, subtraction, money, number formation and odd and even numbers.

Each parent worked with their child using the methods they were shown.

Year 1's Naughty Bus Homework

Our home made bird food.

27 February 2017

The children produced a homework project where they had to design and make a bus.

The children also researched the royal family and London. They then wrote some interesting facts about what they found out.

Year 1 Feeding the Birds

Our home made bird food.

2 February 2017

Once the children’s bird food had dried they went outside and hung them up for the birds.

Mrs Chapman was our secret detective and took some photos for us of some squirrels and birds eating our food we made.

Fit for Sport Assessment

Assessing the chidren's PE skills.

27 January 2017

The fit for sports team came in to assess the children with a number of PE skills.

The children were timed and they counted how many skills they could do in one minute. The skills included running, star jumps and catching a ball.

We did very well as you can see!

Smoothie Bike

Mixing the smoothies on the bike.

26 January 2017

The smoothie bike came to St Philips. The services provided a dynamic activity that energised our PE lesson. The mixer moved every time they cycled.

The chidren loved tasting the healthy smoothies that they helped make.

Bird Projects

One of our bird creations.

6 January 2017

During the Christmas holidays the children made some bird projects and some booklets about what wildlife that they see in their garden or local park.

The children found out about British birds, deciduous and evergreen trees.

Christmas Jumper Day

Showing off our Christmas jumpers.

16 December 2016

The children in Year 1 wore Christmas jumpers and donated a silver coin to help raise money for save the children.

They took part in lots of Christmas activities and had a Christmas disco in the hall.

Year 6 Safety Workshops

Year 6 workshops.

23 November 2016

Year 6 had the opportunity to work with a number of different people on how to stay safe and they were involved in four different workshops: Racism awareness workshop, DECCA, anti-social behaviour and safeguarding.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day display.

11 November 2016

During Remembrance Day, Year 6 led the reflection prayer service. We then listened to music and reflected on the effects of war, before reading our prayers.

One row at a time, we walked up and placed our prayer on the table. Once we had all placed our prayer on the remembrance table, we stood up and sang our Remembrance Day song to honour the soldiers of war and to honour the fallen.

Year 1 Cinema Trip

Children from Year 1 about to enjoy the film.

11 November 2016

Year 1 went to the cinema to see Zootropolis. This fitted in with their topic Meerkat mail.

It was about Zootropolis, a city like no other. But when optimistic Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being a bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case!

Year 6 Anti-Bullying Workshop

Year 6 in their workshop.

4 November 2016

Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in a half day workshop with ‘Shape’.

The children were split in to two groups to take part in different activities:

  • Activity one: to create a poster
  • Activity two: to role play
  • Activity three: to speak about bullying to a police officer.

YESsmethwick Schools Cluster Council

At one of the cluster meetings.

3 November 2016

St Philip’s Catholic Primary School belong to a Cluster School Council. Our School Council members are voted on to this body by fellow students.

At cluster meetings our pupils are informed of various roles and responsibilities that members have. Pupils also have the opportunity to plan, organise and various fund raising initiatives, community events, school cluster discos and sports events.

Year 1 Bog Baby Hunt

Finding a Bog Baby!

3 November 2016

Year 1 went on a Bog Baby hunt around the school.

They searched high, they searched low and looked under leaves and rocks.

The children found lots of different Bog Baby and then wrote about how to find a Bog Baby in their creative writing books.

Black History Month

Year 6's presentation on Muhammad Ali.

19 October 2016

During Black History Month, Year 6 spent a day researching the world renowned boxer Muhammad Ali.

The children created a poster in groups and some children made a PowerPoint presentation that they shared with the rest of the school during Assembly.

Year 5 visit St Mary's Convent

6 October 2016

Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in a pilgrimage during the Year of Mercy to St Mary’s convent.

The children also had a tour of the convent allowing them to learn about the history of the building and how the convent established itself over 175years ago.

Year 1's trip to Barry Island

Year 1 at the seaside.

7 July 2016

Year 1 went on a trip to Barry Island.

We met up with two play workers and they took us a walk around the rock pools. They told us about the creatures that the children found and showed us them in the books.

The children then had a paddle in the sea and they made some sandcastles. Next the children went on the trampolines and the fair. Finally the children went for an ice-cream and a souvenir.

After all that, it was time to go home.

Year 1 Visit the Anglican Church

Questions and answers at the Church.

22 June 2016

Year 1 visited the Anglian Church in Smethwick. The children found out there are many similarities to the Anglian Church to our very own Catholic church.

The Reverend explained what different artefacts were around the church and explained their meanings.

The children loved listening to the bell ring on the church and the reverent explained what the chimes mean.

They found out the church was 180 years old. They also went under the church and visited the crypt.

YESsmethwick Schools Football League 2015/16

10 June 2016

This is a football league for primary schools in Smethwick and Oldbury. The games are played on a weekly basis.

There are two groups: Group One (Smethwick) and Group Two (Oldbury).

Playoff Finals:

  • Game One: Langley vs St Philip’s – Langley win
  • Game Two: Abbey Juniors vs Shireland Hall Academy – Abbey win
  • Final: Abbey vs Langely – League Champs 2016 Abbey Juniors

Final football league tables:

Year 4 Visit Symphony Hall

Year 4 at Symphony Hall.

9 June 2016

Year 4 watched the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra perform pieces of music from Shakespeare plays throughout the ages.

They also performed the Disney classic songs from the film - The Lion King. It was amazing!

Year 1 Explorers Project

One of Year 1's model spaceships.

6 June 2016

On their week’s holiday Year 1 were asked to make and design a spaceship or a sailing ship. This was to fit in with their new topic ‘Explorers’.

The children used a range of material to make models which were then displayed around the classroom.

They also researched Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and wrote down some facts about them.

Brilliant in Britain Week

The children display their posters.

5 to 10 June 2016

This week the children have researched about the Queen and where she has been on her travels around the world. They then each made a poster and showed them to the rest of the school in assembly.

A few children also read out some of the facts they had found out. The thing they found most interesting was although she has visited 128 countries she doesn’t own a passport.

First Holy Communion

Receiving their First Holy Communion.

22 May 2016

On Sunday 22nd May the parish of St. Philip Neri and the school of St. Philip’s came together to celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist at Mass.

This was a very special occasion as it was the first time twenty four of our children received the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Despite many nerves, the children, dressed in their Holy Communion clothes, led the mass and congregation in prayer and celebration.

St. Philip's staff, parents, governors and parish are very proud. Well Done!

Year 3 Parent Workshop

Parents and children working together.

3 May 2016

Year 3 invited parents to join us in school to complete creative activities based around our topic.

Children and parents had a good time and enjoyed the afternoon.

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

21 April 2016

The children celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday by wearing red, white and blue.

They found out some interesting information about the Queen and took part in lots of activities to celebrate her birthday. They made crowns, decorated birthday posters and made union jack flags.

Year 1 Spelling and Grammar Parent Workshop

Year 1 children and parents working together.

19 April 2016

Year 1 had a parent workshop to inform parents about the reading test for Year 1 and to help them out with grammar activity’s that they could do at home.

There were various activities set up for parents and children to participate in, ranging from phonics games to being able to hold a sentence.

It was a brilliant day for Year 1 to show off their phonics, spelling and grammar skills with excellent participation from parents.

Year 3 Maths Puzzle Day

A colourful fairy tale house.

18 April 2016

Year 3 took part in a maths puzzle day where they had to use their reasoning skills in order to solve different practical problems.

They designed a playground thinking about shape, space and measure using area and perimeter. Year 3 were given a budget for their playground and had to calculate the cost implications of their design.

They took their information from their tally charts and put their findings into a bar chart. They then got ready to present their designs and findings to Mrs Hinton.

Jolly Postman Homework Project

A colourful fairy tale house.

18 April 2016

As one of their projects for this year, the Year 1 children made some fairy tale houses to use in their new topic ‘The Jolly Postman’.

Using different materials and designs, they produced a wide range of houses and castles, inspired by different fairy tales.

They displayed these around the classroom and used them during their topic lessons as a source of inspiration.

Reception's Easter Egg Hunt

Finding the Easter Eggs.

24 March 2016

Reception class took part in an Easter Egg Hunt.

The children had five clues that led us to the eggs hidden in the sand.

Foundation Stage Easter Bonnet Parade

Showing off their colourful bonnets.

23 March 2016

Nursery and Reception held an Easter Bonnet Parade in the school hall.

Prizes were given out to the top five bonnets.

Parents came to watch their children.

Year 3 Skipping Skills

Year 3 enjoying skipping.

23 March 2016

Year 3 have been practicing their skipping skills in the afternoons after lunch.

Year 1 and 2 Holy Week Assembly

Jesus teaching the crowds.

22 March 2016

The children of Year 1 and 2 performed the next part of our Holy Week assemblies – Spy Wednesday.

The whole school joined together and reflected on the events when Judas made the decision to betray our Lord, Jesus Christ.

A Policeman Visits Year 3

Year 3 meet PC Hewitt.

12 March 2016

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from PC Hewitt during Vocations Week.

The children asked lots of questions about what the job entails and some children wanted to become a police officer themselves!

The Underwear Rule: PANTS!

A nurse speaking to the Year 2 pupils about the ‘Underwear rule.’

7 March 2016

Year 2 were visited by the Nurse today and learnt the ‘Underwear Rule.’ The children were taught how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they felt upset.

The children learnt the pneumonic for PANTS to remind them of the rules:

P – Privates are private. Our bodies are private to us and no-one should ask to see or touch your bodies.

A – Always remember your body belongs to you. Our bodies belong to us and no-one should ask to see or touch your bodies.

N – No means no. People should respect you when you tell them no.

T – Talk about secrets that upset you. The children learnt that some secrets are good (like knowing about a surprise birthday party) but also that some secrets are bad (No-one should ask you to keep secret about touching your body).

S – Speak up, someone can help. The children learnt to talk about things that upset them.

Valentine's Themed Breakfast Club

Valentine bread about to become Valentine toast!

12 February 2016

The children had a Valentines themed breakfast club, where they had a special selection of breakfast. The breakfast included pancakes, strawberries, milkshakes, toast, cakes and juice.

The children had the opportunity to create special things for their loved ones, through a range of activities. They created Valentine’s Day cards and the chance to decorate cookies to take home.

The children really enjoyed the breakfast and had a of fun decorating the biscuits.

Year 3 Librarian Visit

Learning about our local area from the Librarian.

9 February 2016

The Librarians from Smethwick Library came to visit Year 3 and talk about their roles in the workplace.

The children were particularly interested in the archives and loved finding out about the history of their local area.

Year 1 Bird Projects

Look at the bird I made!

8 February 2016

Year 1 children made some birds and created a booklet called ‘My Footsteps in the Wildlife.’ They displayed these around the classroom and used them during topic lessons.

We were very lucky to be able to step out into the snow, investigating other animals in our world

The Eco Bus

The Eco Bus

5 February 2016

The Eco Bus came to visit Year 1 to fit in with our topic where the birds go in winter.

The children made a seedy bird cake with lard and bird seed. They then hung them around the school to help feed the birds during winter. They used re-cycled materials to make their bird feeders.

Children were excited when they knew we were going to be looking after the animals in our world.

Athlete Visit

Enjoying our fitness session.

1 February 2016

We had a famous Olympian come into school today. We were very excited to do a fitness session with him.

He inspired us to look after our bodies and push ourselves to the limit to achieve our very best.

Naughty Bus Projects

My Naughty Bus!

29 January 2016

The children made a Naughty Bus at home to help bring their new topic to life during their lessons.

They used a range of recycled material to help them create their bus.

Searching for Footprints in the Snow

How does it feel?

15 January 2016

Year 1 went for a walk around the school to search for footprints in the snow.

They used their senses while they were outside to help to help them progress with more independent writing skills. Then the children wrote about it in their creative writing book.

Nursery's Stay and Play Session

Fabulous decorations.

2 December 2015

Nursery held a 'Stay and Play' session on 2nd December in both the morning and the afternoon.

Parents came in and helped their child to make some Christmas decorations.

Reception's Theatre Group Visit

Reception children enjoying the theatre group.

30 November 2015

Reception class had a visit from a theatre group who came into school for a story telling session and role play.

YESsmethwick School Cluster Meeting

Cluster meeting.

12 November 2015

Two of our current councillors also represent St Philip's at the YESsmethwick Cluster School Council.

They represent our school along with school councillors from five other local primary schools and one secondary school. At the forum they plan and organise community initiatives, events. They also exchange ideas and good practices.

Year 6 Decca Talk

Year 6 learning about the dangers of drink and drugs.

9 November 2015

On Monday 9th November 2015, DECCA came in to speak to the year 6 children about the dangers of drinking and taking drugs.

The children were given a number of interactive activities to take part in to fully involve them in the session.

Year 1 Bog Baby Hunt

Searching for Bog Babies.

6 November 2015

Year 1 went on a Bog Baby hunt around the school. We searched in different places, looked up high and down low to see how many we could find.

Year 1 Cinema Visit

Year 1 at the cinema.

5 November 2015

Year 1 went to the Odeon cinema in Birmingham to watch penguins of Madagascar which fitted in with their topic question 'Why don’t Meerkats live in the North Pole?'.

Year 1 Bog Baby Homework Project

Year 1's Bog Babies.

2 November 2015

Year 1 children made their own Bog Babies at home and designed a home for them.

They used lots of different materials and described to the class what they used and how they made it.

Year 6 Bikeability

Year 6 learning Bikeability.

2 November 2015

During four afternoons, of the week beginning 2nd November 2015, a group of Year 6 children took part in Bikeability.

They were taught how to be safe on their bikes, on the roads and how to signal correctly.

Year 6 Health Talk

Year 6 listen to the nurses.

2 November 2015

Year 6 listened to a health talk, from two NHS nurses, before they all had their heights and weights taken and recorded.

Year 1 Spelling Workshop

Parents and children at the workshop.

19 October 2015

Year 1 had a spelling workshop for parents to come into year and see how we teach spellings. They were able to learn different ways to help their child at school.

Year 6 Bake a Cake

Measure that!

16 October 2015

On Friday 16th October during our Maths lesson, Year 6 worked systematically to solve a problem. The children had to work out how much a cake would weigh and how much that cake would cost.

The children, on Monday 19th October, made the cakes unsupported by teachers.

Year 1 and 2's French Class

Oh la la!

9 October 2015

Year 1 and 2 have been learning various words in French at the dinner time club with Madam Jordan.

They have been learning colours, numbers and naming members of their family. They have also been learning how to say "my name is...".

Year 6 Play Macbeth

Role playing Macbeth.

6 October 2015

Year 6 have role played the story of Macbeth.

They have thought about setting the scene and stage directions which will aid them in writing their playscript in the next session.

Reception's Exotic Zoo

We're not afraid of creepy crawlies.

5 October 2015

The Exotic Zoo came into school and Reception class had a great time exploring the different animals.

French Day

French Day.

25 September 2015

St Philip’s School celebrated a French Day on Friday 25th September 2015.

Each Year group showcased their french skills and were able to perform french songs that they had learnt to their parents and staff in a school assembly.

During the day we also made some french flags and tasted some french food. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and gave a great, confident performance.

C’est tres bien!

Year 3 Learn About Healthy Eating

Year 3 listening to the school nurse.

23 June 2015

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from the school nurse in the afternoon of 23rd June.

She talked to the children about what is in our food and how to make healthier food choices.

Year 3's Skipping Lessons

Year 3's skipping lessons.

22 June 2015

Year 3 took part in skipping lessons as a part of Sport’s and Healthy Lifestyle week.

The children learnt different types of skipping and some tricks, too.

Year 1's Butterfly is Released

One of Year 1's butterflies.

14 June 2015

Year 1 watched some baby caterpillars grow and develop over a few weeks. They then turned into cocoons.

Then they watched them hatch and released them into the school playground.

Nursery's Walk in our Local Area

Looking at different houses in our local area.

29 April 2015

On Wednesday 29th April the Nursery children went for a walk, in groups, around the local area looking at some of the different types of houses that people live in.

Nursery visit St Philip Neri Church

Nursery children explore the Church.

28 January 2015

The Nursery visited St Philip Neri Church in January.

They looked around and looked in particular at the Baptismal font as they had been learning about Baptism.

Remembrance Day

Poppies for remembrance.

11 November 2014

2014 was a big year for Remembrance. As a school we celebrated the lives of those who have fought for us in all conflicts.

Year 1 Curriculum Workshop

Year 1 parents' workshop.

5 November 2014

Year 1 parents were invited in to school to find out about and share in the work that the children had been studying as part of their new curriculum topic ‘Meercat Mail’.

Drug Education Council's Talk to KS1

KS1 talk from Decca.

November 2014

Decca – the Drug Education Council team came into talk to Year 1 and Year 2 about the dangers of smoking, drinking and taking drugs from strangers.

Year 5's WW2 Presentation

Year 5's presentation to parents.

17 October 2014

Year 5 parents were invited into school for a parents afternoon to celebrate their World War 2 topic.

Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair.

October 2014

To celebrate reading in the school, a Book Fair was organised by our Literacy Coordinator Ms Lawrence.

Scholastic books came in to school and the children had the opportunity to purchase books.

Barratt Homes Assembly

Barratt Homes assembly on staying safe.

September 2014

Barratt Homes came in to talk to the school about the new houses being built around the school and how to stay safe near construction sites.

Attendance Assembly

Rewarding our 100% attendees.

July 2014

At St. Philip's we are proud that our attendance is improving and many children get their 100% attendance in a special assembly at the end of the year.

Barratt Homes World Cup Football Launch

Barratt Homes World Cup football launch.

June 2014

Barratt Homes launched a competition during the World cup.

St. Philip’s entered and were successfully the runners up with our team Argentina.