Admissions Policy 2022/23

Admissions Policy 2022 2023.pdf

Admissions Policy 2021/22


Admissions Policy - 2020/21

policy admissions2021.pdf

Admission Appeals Timetable - 2020

policy adappeals20.pdf

Attendance policy 2020 21

Attendance policy 2020 21.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy - 2020

policy bullying.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy (Children's)

policy bullyingchildrens.pdf

Assessment Policy

policy assessment.pdf

Behaviour Policy - 2019

policy behaviour.pdf

Bomb Threat School Evacuation Procedure - 2020

policy bombthreat.pdf

Calculations Policy

policy calculations.pdf

Catholic Life Policy - 2018

policy catholiclife.pdf

Charges and Remissions Policy

policy charges.pdf

Collective Worship Policy - 2018

policy worship.pdf

Complaints Policy - 2021

policy complaints.pdf

Educational Visits Policy

policy visits.pdf

English Policy

policy english.pdf

EYFS Policy

policy eyfs.pdf

Inclement Weather Policy

policy weather.pdf

Lockdown Policy and Procedures - 2020

policy lockdown.pdf

Marking Policy

policy marking.pdf

Mathematics Policy

policy maths.pdf

Nappy Changing and Toileting Policy - 2020

policy nappychanging.pdf

Parent/Visitor Code of Conduct - 2020

policy visitorcode.pdf

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Policy

policy pshe.pdf

Physical Education and School Sports (PESS) Policy

policy pess.pdf

Prayer Policy

policy prayer.pdf

Privacy Notice (using Pupil Information)

policy privacynotice.pdf

Religious Education (RE) Policy - 2018

policy re.pdf

Remote Education Policy - 2020

policy remoteeducation.pdf

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - 2020

policy safeguarding.pdf

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy: Covid-19 Annex - 2020

policy safeguardingcv.pdf

Safeguarding Policy (Children's)

policy safeguardingchildrens.pdf

Safe Touch Policy - 2019

policy safetouch.pdf

Sex and Relationships (SRE) Policy - 2018

policy sre.pdf

Special Educational Needs (SEND) Policy

policy sen.pdf

Teaching and Learning Policy

policy teachlearn.pdf

Walking To and From School Alone Policy - 2019

policy walkinghome.pdf

Whistle-Blowing Policy

policy whistleblowing.pdf

Sandwell academy primary.

sandwell academy primary.docx

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