St. Philip's Catholic Primary School, Messenger Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3DU

Special Event - Incredible Years Parents' Workshop

27 April 2015

Incredible Years Workshops are intensive workshops that assist parents and children who are finding barriers at home and in the school. These children could also be close to exclusion or are on behaviour programmes.

The programme runs for 13 weeks and parents are guided by trained practioners. Parents are made to feel at ease where they can discuss strategies to solving or advising each other on the best practices.

Parent who completed the workshop also received Love 2 Shop vouchers sponsored by YESsmethwick Extended services. Transport to and from events was also generously provided by YESsmethwick Extended Services.

Mr Padotan, trained practioner, with a parent who completed the workshop receiving her certificate.
Parents from several local primary schools during one of the workshops being held at Shireland Hall Academy.

Parent who completed the workshop also received Love 2 Shop vouchers.
Each parent received a certificate on completion of the full workshop.

Mrs Bains, practioner, with another proud parent who has completed the workshop.