Reception's Beautiful Butterflies

During our Understanding the World lesson, we experimented with lots of different colours and observed how they combined and changed on the filter paper. We then transformed our filter paper into beautiful butterflies. 

We're going on a bug hunt!

Reception Class went on a minibeast hunt around our school field.
We had lots of fun working in teams to search high and low for all of the different minibeasts.


Art Work in Year 4!

This week in Year 4 we have been looking at our sketching skills. We have been learning all about Vincent Van Gough and how he sketched things hundreds of times before being happy with his final product. Today we developed our sketching skills by picking objects in the classroom and really focussing on their detail. 

Reception's Terrific Twig Hedgehogs!

We had lots of fun collecting fallen twigs from our school prayer garden and using them to make these beautiful clay hedgehogs.

Measuring Fun

In Year 1 we are have been discussing a range of ways to measure. Children through practical experiences talked about how we measure in different ways.

We then looked at the variety of equipment and discussed the results.

Children to extend their learning looked around the school and decided the best equipment that would be needed to measure.

Nursery's Fish

Here are Nursery's fish - BIG Fish and Little Fish.

We have to take care of the fish by feeding them every day and cleaning out their tank.

Nursery Garden

The children in Nursery have been enjoying gardening. We have planter herbs, rosemary, lavender and mint. We like to smell the herbs.

We planted some strawberry plants.

We have to water our garden to help the plants grow.

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