Melting Experiments in Year 4.


In their topic this half-term Year 4 have been doing States of Matter. Today we focused on heating and cooling and how these two processes can change materials states of matter. We set up our experiment with warm water and room temperature water and tested to see which water melted the chocolate quicker! We made our predictions before starting and then observed how the chocolate changed. 

Think Big!

The children in Nursery have enjoyed the book 'Think Big' by Kes Gray this week.

We talked about what we would like to do when we grow up.

Enjoy looking at our paintings.

Water Colour Fun in Y4.

06.01.2022 -  As part of their art project, Year 4 have been practicing with lots of different art mediums. Today we used water colours and looked at how when the paints were wet, we could blend and mix colours. We painted circles and let the colours run into each other. 

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