PSHE in Year 4.



In PSHE Year 4 have been looking at how to have a kind mind. We have been looking at how to say kind things to ourselves, as well as others. Today we each picked a person in class and wrote kind things in that persons outline to make them feel great about themselves. It was lovely to watch the children smile when they got the chance to read theirs. The dolls are now proudly displayed in class to remind children how wonderful they really are. 

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in Nursery

We looked at the Queen's Palaces and Castles and built castles using the Lego.

We looked at the Queen's crown and made our own crowns.

We listened to music from every decade of the Queen's reign.

We decorated cupcakes for our tea party.

We made a Union Flag using multi-media.

Year 1 made recycled lighthouses as part of their home learning projects to use in lessons about the lighthouse keepers lunch

Year 1 lighthouse projects

Reception Jubilee Celebrations

Reception class has the most wonderful time celebrating her Majesty’s 70th Jubilee. We spent the day creating crowns, Union Jack flags, Pop Art paintings of the Queen and bunting to decorate the classroom. 
During the afternoon we came together to end the day with a perfect picnic in the sunshine and giving 3 big happy cheers to Her Majesty. 

Year 1 The Queens Jubilee

Year 1 celebrated the Queens jubilee by researching the decade 2010. They performed an assembly to key stage one of facts about 2010 and performed a dance toa song from 2010.

Reception Pop Art

In reception class we have been learning about the artistic style of Pop Art. We learnt about famous Pop Art artists including Andy Warhol and created our own Pop Art paintings of the Queen using bright bold psychedelic colours

The chicks have hatched in reception class

This week Reception class have been taking part in the living eggs project. We received 10 fertilised eggs and watched them hatch into 9 beautiful baby chicks. 

We are happy to announce that we have 4 gorgeous girls and 5 very fluffy yellow boys!


Thechildren have been excellent role models and taken very good care of the chicks, cleaning them out, feeding them and giving them lots of love and attention. 

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