Nursery - Rainbow Jelly

We had so much fun making rainbow jelly... mixing it, setting it in the fridge and adding a new colour every day.

We watched our jelly wobble and looked at the rainbow colours.

Then... we squished them all up!

Tolerance and Diversity

Our British Values focus this year is looking at Tolerance and Diversity. Tolerance and diversity are terms that refer to a way of thinking about, and behaving toward, other people. Where everyone is treated the same and has the same opportunities, without prejudice arising from their physical or social characteristics. Year 1 designed a hand to show how we are all different and special.

We are all special and different

Holy Rosary

The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. This is primarily due to the fact that the liturgical feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated annually on October 7. Year 1 found out about how to pray the rosary and learned the Hail Mary prayer and also a Hail Mary song in Makaton.

Month of the Holy Rosary

Year 4's Community Art Project Update!

Year 4 have been selected to take part in a very special community art project call "Inside Outside." We are working with a local artist over the year to produce and create a very special community project. This week we looked at being part of a community and what is special "About Me". We then created oil pastel drawings to show what was special about us and what makes us all different in our communuity.

Year 5 Are Entering!

Young Writers is a fantastic organisation which encourages children to explore their creativity and skills with the chance of becoming a published author!

We've been planning and writing our stories this week to submit to one of their regular competitions. This time, the theme is 'Adventure Hunters' and we have each written our own mini saga about volcanoes, exploring planets and different dimensions, cities under the sea... anything we wanted to!

We've really enjoyed writing our stories and we can't wait to receive a copy of the published work - seeing our own or our friends' names in there is going to be so exciting!

If your child is in Year 5 and you have not returned the permission slip for their work to be entered, please send it in or you can request another slip from Miss Lewis or Mr Wilkes.

One Kind Word

As part of Kindness Week, Year 5 thought about what it means to be a 'bully' and what we can do if we experience this. We discussed a few scenarios we could experience at school, at home or when we're out playing and thought about what we would do in that situation.

Sometimes we can't always stop a bully, but there is ALWAYS something we can do to help someone in that situation...

"if I saw someone being bullied, I would tell a teacher or my mum."

"Sometimes if we try to help, the bully might pick on us instead or we might make it worse... we could help the person who is upset though by asking if they're okay and helping them to find someone to tell."

"If I'm at the park I could run to a shop to ask for help if I'm scared of someone."

"If we react, sometimes it makes it worse so it's better to just walk away if we can."


These are some of the ideas from the children in our class.

One kind word is all it takes to make someone feel respected, safe and comfortable. What words could we say to show kindness to others?


"Do you want to join?"

"I'll go and get help."

"I'm sorry."

"Stop. She doesn't like that."


What kind words could you say to someone?

Math Week in Year 4!

This week it was Maths week in schools and Year 4 have been focusing on perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. We have been learning the properties of this shapes which make it easy for us to find the perimeter, as well as then solving reasoning and problem solving questions for those shapes. Two children really impressed Miss Ford and won our Mathematician of the week certificate. Well done to all of Year 4 for their amazing work in Maths this week. Keep it up!

Remembrance Day Poppies

The children in Nursery watched the CBeebies 'Poppies' animation and made poppies for our service of Remembrance.

Remembrance Day Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Sunday.  We have listened to the poem ‘In Flanders fields’ and spoke about the words that are used in it. We then made poppy pictures, coloured pictures and thought about all the soldiers that died for us in the wars.

least we forget

Harvest Collection!

This week the children have been kindly donating food for our charity food bank ready for Harvest. Year 3 and 4 helped Miss Anslow collect and organise the food ready to be sent off to the food bank. We took a moment to reflect and give thanks to God for how lucky we are to be able to give our extra food to the needy. 

Black History Month - Martin Luther King Year 3

We created Pop Art images to celebrate our work studying the life of Martin Luther King. These are proudly displayed in our school corridor :)

All Souls Lanterns Year 3

Year 3 made lanterns with prayers and memories of souls in heaven. 

Cracking Coding in Year 4!

Year 4 have been doing some fantastic coding in their Computing during Autumn 1. We have been learning how to code a quiz on the app 'Scratch'. We have really enjoyed creating quizzes using the blocks and then testing each other's quizzes, as well as helping de-bug them.


Firework artwork in nursery to celebrate Bonfire Night and Diwali.

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